How I feel today

How I feel today

Sums up how I feel about the last episode of American Horror Story


How I felt seeing stevie again  

How I felt when she randomly just leaves 

How I felt when Misty was the last one in hell

When Misty dies

When Zoe dies

When Cordelia starts doing the 7 wonders

Madison dies 

Zoe comes back to life (which was obvious she would)

Cordelia becomes the supreme 

Myrtle dying again

Fiona returning

Fiona in her own hell

Fiona screaming about the pine

When Queenie addresses Cordelia as the supreme in the end

How I feel about the fact American Horror Story is over


how everybody feels about Misty Day kicking the living shit out of Madison 


When Cordelia has the vision of her mother killing the Coven, she has it all wrong. You see, it wasnt Fiona who killed the girls. IT WAS KYLE!!!!! When Fiona brought him back it was for one purpose, to kill the others. The only reason Cordelia saw the vision of her mom dying is because the necklace is enchanted.
There is one question I have though. I dont remember Myrtle being dead in the scene of Cordelias vision either. Plot twist? And there is a possibility of Nan traveling between the spirit world too to come back and whoop Fiona’s ass. But who really knows?

How I feel on the inside.

How I feel on the inside.


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First episode of Coven when somebody dies

Now whenever somebody dies

I am too tired of hate/loving Fiona. Can this bitch have an epiphany already?